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Joseph k. ★★★★★

Keeps hair CLEAN LONGER. I was not expecting this product to be as great as it is! I have very fine hair so a lot of running my hands through it makes it oily fast. Normally I need to run my hands through hair all day to put hair back up again and again but with this my hair can stay clean longer because it stays in place all day. This is only one of the great benefits of this product

Kimberly B. ★★★★★

My hair is layered and it’s very hard to get the perfect bun. With the bun bar I can achieve the perfect bun every time with little to no hassle!

Misty H. ★★★★★

The bunz bar is a bit tricky as it feels like it’s not gonna hold but it actually held ALL day with out any distractions. I almost went to sleep with it in my hair because I forgot my hair was even in a bun. I still haven’t totally figured it out and I think I didn’t do it totally right but the one time I did use it; it was like I didn’t even have hair! No headache no discomfort.

Kayla D. ★★★★☆

I think this is the perfect hair tie when you have a headache, coming from someone that often has migraines it’s perfect, loose yet keeps your hair up. It’s great.

Julie L. ★★★★★

I already own several , I keep coming back for more . I have a few classics , a bunz bar and several 2.0. I don’t even dream of wearing my old hair ties anymore . And bonus .. the 2.0 works great in my daughters hair too :)

Inese D. ★★★★★

yesterday I get it in my Pony-o I adore it. today all day in my hair and not moved. i have thin hair so i am afraid that it will fall out but no it holds perfectly...

Joel L. ★★★★★

I ordered 2 Ponyos, one for me and one for my daughter. They are awesome! We both have fine, curly hair and the ponyos held our hair in perfect both naturally curly and flat ironed! Definitely happy with this product 🙂

Elena M. ★★★★★

I use this amazing product to support my hair extensions! It takes the weight off of my head and holds my pony’s so high!!! I’ve made multiple orders and will be buying some for the Ladies in my life this holiday!

Melissa B. ★★★★★

Saw the Pony-O on Instagram and I had to try it out. It took a while to come to Australia due to covid effecting deliveries but it was worth the wait. I have fine hair thin hair and now I have a perky full pony. It stays in all day, just follow the instructions. Now that I have tried it I have ordered more for myself and my daughters. Can’t wait to receive my next order!

Erin B. ★★★★★

I work in Law Enforcement and moved recently into a more high visibility position. I was looking for a more polished look with a classic bun style. I love doing the side French braid into my bun. I also use my bun barz for my perfect show bun when I show my horses. You can make a crescent (for Arabian Shows) of classic for the Dressage shows. Love this product.

Cheyenne P. ★★★★★

I love Pony O! It makes my ponytail look amazing!

Rebekah J. ★★★★★

I love that I can put my hair up in the morning and not have touch it all day long, even after a hard workout. I get compliments all the time on the Pony-O and I completely recommend it!

Barbara C. ★★★★★

Pony-O is what I was looking for: it holds the hair perfectly in every condition and allow me to have a high and full ponytail without stressing my hair

Robin L. ★★★★★

I finally caved and bought this, I wish I wasn’t so skeptical. Even with my thin hair this makes my hair look so cute & I've received so many compliments. Seems like a very durable product so far.

Natalie E. ★★★★★

Best Ponytail Holder EVER!It’s difficult to believe that this product is as effective as advertised, but it totally is! I actually fell asleep with it in after a full day of wearing it at work, and it hadn’t budged when I woke up! (granted, I don’t move much in my sleep). Highly recommend!

Lise S. ★★★★★

Love it 😘

Lyndsay B. ★★★★★

I chose 3 pony o classics in dark and light brown and black. I originally ordered them for my 3 year old daughter who has fine but really curly hair. She always cried when it was time to take out her elastics and when i found this product i was sold right away. It doesn't pull her hair out when i remove it and she loves that. It's very easy to use for multiple styles. I wear the classic pony o but find it falls down with my thicker hair so I've now ordered the pony o XL and I'm excited. Even though the classic falls down and i have to redo my ponytail maybe 3 times a day i still love it more than an elastic. It doesn't leave a crimp and it doesn't pull my hair out. So all in all i love it and will order it for the rest of my life ❤

Kelly C. ★★★★☆

It takes some practice to do a nice pony or bun, but it really does look way better. I'm still struggling to get it to hold all my hair back (these same side pieces just above my ears seem to sag). When I do it well, it looks so much better than a regular pony tail. I have thin, highlighted hair, so it's pretty drab most of the time in a pony. This gives me volume and makes me feel pretty good about my fierce pony. I haven't tried working out in one because I worry with all the flips and turns I do in aerial silks that I will end up pulling on my hair too hard and it will break off.

Heidi G. ★★★★★

I was skeptical the Pony-O would actually work on my long fine hair but to my delight everything in the combo pack is easy to use and holds my hair ALL DAY!! These products are a game changer and don't damage my hair.

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