Curly Hair


Basic PONY-O instructions for curly hair. Ponytails are as easy as 1-2!

  • Fine hair looks and feels thicker.
  • Your hair stays in place all day.
  • Completely non-damaging and crease-free.
  • Great for all of your hair up.

Few things are worse in curly hair than a big dent or crease from elastics. These customers agree: Our innovative PONY-O is versatile and tension-free, even if it’s super tight! Curly girls know; listen for yourself.


The PONY2.O is narrower than the PONY-O.

  • Designed for sections of curly hair.
  • Feels light and comfortable.
  • Your hair stays in place all day.
  • Completely non-damaging and crease-free.

Create a variety of stylish and elegant buns without bobby pins and elastics! You’ll love how easy and comfortable this bun is!

  • Secure, comfortable and completely non-damaging.
  • Feels weightless.
  • No bobby pins or hairspray needed.

Make your PONY-O pop by dressing it up with our exclusive BLING RINGZ!

  • Available in a variety of styles and colors.
  • Strong magnetic clasp keeps it in place all day or night.

This incredibly easy style will make your friends jealous of your beautiful curls. Use your original size PONY-O. Kick it up a notch by accessorizing it with your favorite BLING RING!


This fun and beautiful style from Janay will lift your curl and give you volume. For those days when you’re feeling daring. Use the PONY-O for the best results. And here’s a bonus: open the PONY-O back into its circle shape. No more ripping out your curls.


This super-popular style from Janay is a modern take on a traditional style. Use your PONY2.O.


The messy bun looks awesome on curly hair. Dress it up with a sunflower for extra pop!


This fun style is so simple! You can wear it messy or clean and polished. Curly hair looks and feels great in this style!

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